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General Federation of Women’s Clubs
Of Wyoming

Mary Lee Dixon
503 Princeton Lane
Cheyenne, WY 82009
General Federation of Womens Clubs of Wyoming
State President
Mary Lee Dixon
President Elect
Nancy Kaufman
Vice President
Patricia Peoples
Marcia Volner
Carolyn Turbiville
Ann Norwood
District Liaisons:
 Louise Bellamy Richardson – East
Sarah Norris – South
Leslie Jo Gatti– West
Parliamentarian Advisor
Patty Benskin

GFWC Casper Active Service Club - Casper, WY.            
GFWC Twenty First Century Club - Newcastle, WY.
GFWC Yoder Woman’s Club - Yoder WY.
GFWC Women’s Civic League of Cheyenne - Cheyenne, WY.
GFWC X-JWC - Cheyenne, WY.
GFWC Laramie Woman’s Club - Laramie, WY.
GFWC Farson Eden Progress Club - Farson, WY.
GFWC Woman’s Club of Rock Springs - RockSprings, WY.
GFWC Juniorettes of Women’s Civic League - Cheyenne, WY.
GFWC Past State President’s Club

GFWC Wyoming holds a Fall Statewide Educational Forum and Workshop in September or October, a one-day Statewide Leadership Training in October/November and an annual convention each year in April.

GFWC-Wyoming also holds a Statewide Leadership Training on an annual basis.

How do I become a member of a GFWC club? It’s easy, just contact our State Membership Chairman:
Katherine Van Dell (307) 630-5058 or kvandell1732@gmail.com.

*Even if you do not live in a Wyoming city with a GFWC women’s club, you can be a member at large. Contact Katherine for further information


The General Federation of Women's Clubs of Wyoming is always working to establish new clubs throughout the state.  Should you be interested in becoming a member of any existing club or developing another club in your area of the state, please contact the State President, Mary Lee Dixon at dandmdixon91@gmail.com or the State Membership Chairman, Katherine Van Dell at kvandell1732@gmail.com.




Current State Projects

~ GFWC Wyoming Clubs gave out over $10,000.00 of scholarship money in 2011.
~ GFWC Wyoming clubwomen participated in 285 projects, volunteered 12, 932 hours, raised and donated $95,519.35 and gave in-kind donations of $7,909.00 in 2014.

GFWC Wyoming women did projects to benefit the following organizations, programs and people:

Operation Smile, Project Heifer, youth and exceptional art, veterans and the VA hospitals, book clubs, literacy, children’s reading programs, domestic violence, elder and child abuse, Special Olympics, leadership, women’s issues, children’s issues, substance abuse awareness, special needs adults and children, legislative and public policy issues, conservation, preservation, and beautification, education, homelife, international outreach, public issues, communications and identity, women’s history, women’s health, museums, childhood language clinics, Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, Stride Learning Center, Foster Grandparents, Magic City Enterprises, Breast Cancer Support, Climb Wyoming, Friday Food Bag Program, Senior birthday and bingo parties, Project Linus, Holiday House, Christmas House, the Ivinson Mansion in Laramie, Wyoming,The Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra, Atlas Theatre, Fraternal Order of Eagles, Interfaith, Home Away From Home, Salvation Army, Wreaths Across America, Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming Army and Air Guard, U.S. Naval Reserves, Botanic Gardens, Coalition for the Homeless, Cheyenne Health and Wellness Center, Boys and Girls Clubs and the list goes on and on.

GFWC-W State President Service Areas of Concentration, to be carried out by each Club as they see the need, are:

March of Dimes
Raising Readers
Kindness for Club Members

Dollars Donated    
Arts $1,290,100.00  
Conservation $1,058,133.00  
Education $5,865,254.00  
Home Life $3,351,879.00  
International Outreach $755,430.00  
Public Issues $1,353,058.00  
Domestic Violence Awareness $830,803.00  
Juniors' Special Project: Advocates for Children $1,756,068.00  

TOTAL $16,260,725.00  
Hours Volunteered    
Arts 580,800  
Conservation 404,058  
Education 835,927  
Home Life 1,216,862  
International Outreach 190,740  
Public Issues


Domestic Violence Awareness 143,591  
Juniors' Special Project: Advocates for Children 158,895  

TOTAL 4,063,037  
Projects Completed    
Arts 12,833  
Conservation 7,403  
Education 11,484  
Home Life 19,907  
International Outreach 5,519  
Public Issues 21,379  
Domestic Violence Awareness 4,432  
Juniors' Special Project: Advocates for Children 3,268  

TOTAL 86,225  


For detailed information including audited financial statements and Form 990, visit www.GFWC.org/Governance or call 202-347- 3168.

For more information about the work done in each of our Community Service Programs and Special Projects, read the expanded online version of our Annual Report at www.GFWC.org/Governance.

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